Salaries and in-demand professions in Poland for a foreigner


Before moving to the Republic of Poland for further residence or to earn money, there is a logical question: who can work and what income foreign citizens can count on. In short: there are a lot of vacancies in Poland, and average salaries in Poland range from €1100 to 1200. But let me tell you about it in detail.

Earnings in Poland: how much does it cost and what does it consist of?

Salary accrual in Poland is a bit unaccustomed for the residents of the CIS way. The monthly income of employees of companies is denoted in two figures:

  • Gross – the total amount of wages, which includes all public payments that the employee is obliged to pay (state fees, taxes, etc.);
  • Net – the total amount, from which all mandatory payments have already been deducted. The employee receives it at the end of the work month.

The amount of earnings in Poland depends on the sphere of activity, position and profession. Today the minimum wage is €300-400. Average wage is approximately €1200. Much depends on professional skills and education. So, skilled foreign workers can expect to earn from €1300 per month. Salaries of foreign workers without qualifications seldom exceed €900.

How much different specialists get paid

In 2021, the highest paid professions come from the Technology and Communications sector. Qualified specialists in this field can count on a salary of €1980-2000. Slightly less receive specialists in mining – € 1,960. Next in line are:

  • Doctors and employees of medical institutions – €1400;
  • Programmers – €1200;
  • Builders – €850;
  • Teachers, educators, tutors – €650;
  • Cooks and drivers – €600;
  • Sellers – €550.

The less income for security guards and beauticians – €350, €300 for hairdressers. It is important to take into account that earnings in Poland depend on the region. In different cities of the Republic the gross amount can vary. For example, the highest level of income for foreigners is in Krakow. The lowest (if you take into account large cities) is in Tarnów.

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This year, the most popular professions in Poland include:

  • Engineer;
  • Programmer;
  • Specialist in agriculture;
  • Builder;
  • Driver.

For men, the main vacancies are in the field of construction. Welder, electrician, mason and a number of other specialists are in high demand. For women, the most popular professions in Poland are cashiers, cleaners, seamstresses and packers.

Studies show that in recent years in Poland there are difficulties in filling vacancies for accountants, auditors, engineers and IT-specialists. Foreigners with qualifications in one of these areas should have no trouble finding high-paying jobs.

Peculiarities of employment in the Republic of Poland

Today earnings in Poland are available to all foreigners who have a work permit. The main thing is that their stay and their employment should be legal. Working illegally, non-resident exposes himself to high risks. At a minimum, there are penalties of 1,000 zlotys. The maximum is deportation to your home country.

Important: It is forbidden to work in the Republic of Poland for citizens who come to the country on a tourist visa in the interest of the state or who have been granted a permit for short-term stay only (in accordance with Article 181 par.1).

Only the employer can obtain a work permit for a foreigner. He is obliged to apply to the Uząd with the corresponding request. If all the documents are in order, the employer and the employee do not arouse the suspicions of the inspector, the permit is issued, on the basis of which the foreigner will be employed in the new position. There are different types of work permits for foreigners, read more about them here.

It is important to take into account that residents of some countries (Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Russia and others) have privileged conditions of employment, it is possible to obtain a permit (oświadczenie o pracę) for a short period of work, for six months.

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