Buy a ready-made business in Poland

Do you want to buy an operating business in Poland? We will select the best offers for you, check the company, make an audit and accompany the turnkey transaction.

Купить бизнес в Польше – поможем, проконсультируем

How does the process of buying a business in Poland look like?

1. Briefing and task setting for search

While a live or online meeting, we will discuss what kind of business, under what conditions and in which price segment you'd like to buy. We will also explain how to obtain a residence permit in Poland on the basis of a business and other useful points.

2. Search and selection of offers

Thanks to a wide network of partners, contacts and offers (both exclusive and from partner bases), we select interesting offers for you to consider.

3. Consideration of proposals

After you select several proposals, we provide an "examination" of the companies by request a package of documents, and carry out other work up to visiting the facility and evaluating it on the spot.

4. Transaction support

We can provide you with full transaction support, from the preparation of contracts, to participation in negotiations and after-sales service.

New exclusive offers

Exclusivity implies the absence of these offers in any bases for the sale of a business and you can discuss it directly with the seller through our recommendation

Pizzeria franchise

franchise for sale

Completed Offers

Applications for these offers are closed

Transport company in Poland

Business for sale

Бизнес - транспортная компания в Польше

Startup in carsharing

Sale of a share in a startup

Buy a working business in Poland

Our experience in Polish business

Как открыть фирму в Польше
Doing business in Poland for 8 years
Подготовка документов для регистрации и открытия бизнеса в Польше
Received 3 «karta pobytu» (residence permit ) based on business
Сообщество предпринимателей в Польше
We develop a community of entrepreneurs in Poland
Открыть фирму в Польше
Founders of the FuckUp Day Krakow project - an evening of mistakes
План открытия бизнеса в Польше
We have been doing business and marketing consulting for 8+ years and helping to attract clients via the Internet throughout the CIS
Наш Ютуб канал об открытии бизнеса в Польше
We run a Youtube channel about life and business in Poland 34,000+ subscribers

How to buy a business in Poland with maximum profit

The Polish economy has been demonstrating stability for decades. There is no devaluation, drastic changes in legislation, depreciation of the savings of the population and other economic shocks in the country.

You can easily buy a business in Poland and plan your activities calmly, in case you’d like to better understand the pros and cons of this, we advise you to read our article about the pros and cons of such a strategy. Our advices and support will help you to buy a company in the Republic of Poland with minimal transaction costs and risks.

Small Business Sale

A clear understanding of the purpose of the acquisition of the company is useful for actually doing business. Foreign entrepreneurs are attracted to Poland by the low price of a ready-made business , the simplicity and high speed of re-registration of the new owner of the company. The main selection criteria are the company’s profitability, money turnover, company price.

A foreigner with a residence permit is granted a little more privileges by the authorities. We recommend purchasing a ready-made business in Poland for obtaining a residence permit in Poland, thanks to which you can have access to the entire European Union. This is one of the easiest ways to immigrate. In Poland, this is a really working method, repeatedly tested by us.

How to invest in a ready-made business in Poland?

Usually the sale of a legal entity in Poland begins with negotiations on access to confidential information. First of all, the state of the company and the reliability of the seller are checked. You will find the initial data of the company on the official Polish website of KRS Poland with a register of all legal entities. If you want to buy a working company in Poland, then make an audit of this company with the help of competent specialists.

Average cost of a ready-made company

The final price of the company depends on the value of the company’s assets, the amount of net profit, turnover, type and place of activity. To buy a company with a history in Poland closer to the capital, you will have to pay more than for a recently opened one in the periphery. The market is conventionally divided into three categories:

  1. Companies registered 3-6 months ago with a “clean” history of activity are sold for a price of about €1.8 thousand (Sp. z o. o., the same as LLC) and no more than €4 thousand.
  2. For many years existing and dormant firms with zero turnover, you can buy for €2-7 thousand, depending on age.
  3. Successfully operating for more than two years, the Polish company sp. z oo is usually valued at more than €7 thousand.

Ready-made legal entities with formalized concessions and obtained licenses have the highest cost. This is due to the time and money spent on licensing various types of regulated activities. For example, the provision of taxi services without a proper permit is punishable by a fine of 8 thousand PLN (more than €1.6 thousand).

How to buy a Polish company?

Quickly, but expensively, you can buy a ready-made company in Poland through specialized organizations. You will be selected the right option for your project and budget, they will check the reputation and analyze the prospects of companies and make a deal.

On your own, you can find a seller on Polish internet resources. We advise you to check out the ads on the pages of, Flagma. View and compare current offers across locations and enterprise sizes.

We will help you decide on the least risky option. Our employees have extensive experience in selecting companies for clients looking for a ready-made business in Poland. Many times we have helped Ukrainians, Belarusians, and other citizens of post-Soviet countries in buying firms.

Where to buy an operating company in Poland?

While choosing a place, you should pay attention to good infrastructure. New residential complexes will be excellent locations for them. You can profitably buy a beauty salon , a construction company, a car wash, and another working project in Poland. For merchant services, consider local transportation, an important part of a company’s success in supplying goods and parking potential customers in major cities.

Buying an operating business in Warsaw

In the capital of Poland, buying a sp zoo will cost more, higher costs for maintaining an office and staff. But the prospects for the development of the company in Warsaw are higher than in other cities. Before you buy a business in Warsaw with your own building, check the documents with a lawyer and an accountant. This approach will help to see the problems that the seller kept silent about, to avoid buying a “pig in a poke”.

Buy a company in Cracow

Consider offers in Cracow, which is located near the border with Ukraine. For a company, choose the actual address that matches the legal one, we advice to avoid the situation you have a business in Cracow, but according to the documents it is located in Gdansk.

Check the location of the company carefully so you don’t provoke unnecessary questions in the future. Suspicions may arise from the inspector who did not find the company at the address indicated in the register.

In case you’d like to cooperate with EU it is advantageous to consider Wroclaw, its location is convenient for importing goods to Germany, the Czech Republic. A quick start will allow entrepreneurs to expand the geography of existing activities in Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

If you are not well versed in the details of the purchase and sale and Polish law, then consult with us. When re-registering a company, we will help you enter information into the state register of Poland. Changes to KRS will take effect within one month.

If you decide to start your own business, rather than buying a ready-made one, we will help you open a turnkey company in Poland.

Look for useful information on our Youtube channel, check out the latest information about business in Poland. Become our client in order to become the owner of a company with a history, a ready-made small business in Poland on the most favorable terms.

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