Assistance in starting a business in Poland from scratch

We will help you open a business in Poland from scratch on a turnkey basis or transfer a working business from Ukraine. We will tell you how a foreigner can open his own company in Poland, register everything correctly and not go bankrupt.

Uniconsulting – бизнес в Польше

1. Finding a business idea or niche to start

(If you haven’t decided on a direction yet)

  1. In-depth interview with the business owner.
  2. Research for business directions according to requirements.
  3. Presentation and approval.

Terms: 3-5 days

Result: The right direction for your requirements

Поиск бизнес идеи или ниши для старта
Starting a business in Poland

2. Business analysis

Analysis of the current market situation is the most important part of starting any business. Here’s what we’re working on:

  1. Market and competitor analysis
  2. Seasonality analysis
  3. Demand analysis
  4. Target audience analysis
  5. Price policy

Terms: 4-7 days

Result: a ready-made PDF report for each of the items and an expert opinion.

3. Development of a strategy for entering the Polish market

Based on the analysis of the direction, goals and resources that we have, we develop a business model

The strategy includes:

  1. Marketing strategy, sales strategy
  2. Business model for the Polish market

May include as needed:

  1. Tax optimization strategy
  2. Business plan: for the owner, for subsidies, for obtaining a residence permit
  3. Risk development
  4. Prospects for obtaining additional funding or applying for a grant

Terms: 5-10 days

Result: A step-by-step action plan for launching a business on the Polish market from scratch to the first cash in hand

Starting a business in Poland
Тестовый выход на польский рынок

4. Test entry to the Polish market

Building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

I’m sure you don’t want to risk wasted time, energy and capital. A test market entry (if necessary) will confirm your product is in demand on the market. If all is well you can start. If the test is unsuccessful, it is worth correct mistakes.

Terms: 10-20 days

Result: Tested demand for your product for the Polish market

5. Company registration

Legal registration of the company

Only after the previous stages, it makes sense to start registering a company in Poland. With us you can arrange both electronic registration of a company in Poland and a notary. Get all the necessary permits, licenses and start legal activities in Poland.

You get:
– Development of the company’s charter, drafting of constituent documents, distribution of shares and agreements
– Registration of the company, including all state. fees
– Selection of activities according to the Polish PKD Classification
– Preparation of documents for obtaining a PESEL number and ePUAP digital signature
– Formation and submission of all necessary forms online
– Sworn translator services (when registering a company with a notary)
– Consultations and support of the entire process

Terms: 5-7 days for work + registration time in state bodies

– Registration of KRS number, NIP tax number, REGON statistical number
– Obtaining a VAT number
– Legal or virtual address of the company
– Bank account in several currencies
– Organization of accounting services
– Company seal

Регистрация компании в Польше

6. Marketing and sales on the Polish market

Without proper promotion, branding and website, it will be difficult to compete on the Polish market. We will help you do:

– Website, landing page or online store
– Develop a logo and corporate identity
– Set up advertising and customer acquisition system via the Internet

Terms: 10-20 days

Result: A complete system for attracting customers via the Internet, as well as an effective sales system

Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Marketing kits
Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Articles and longreads
Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Business cards
Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Widgets and mobile apps
Starting a business in Poland
Coupons and tickets
Starting a business in Poland
Starting a business in Poland
Covers for Youtube videos
Starting a business in Poland
Branding for social networks
Управление и развитие проекта в Польше

7. Project management and development

Business development of your project

Ready to help with the operational management of the company. Opening an office, hiring employees, building infrastructure, training staff and creating an internal knowledge base.

Terms: monthly support

Result: Continuous development and support of your project in the local Polish market

What for enterpreneurs come to us?

Test their business idea in Poland

Get started with minimal risks and  costs

Delegate work to start a business

Business as a way to immigrate to Poland

Find an investor or a project to invest in Poland

Any other request related to business in Poland

Why 90% of businesses in Poland close in the first year?

After 5 years of doing business in Poland, we have collected the reasons why a business in Poland burns out

1. Lack of demand for a product or service

2. Conservatism towards the new on the part of the Poles

3. Misunderstanding the mentality and the local market

4. Cash gap and accounts receivable

5. Lack of the right business partners

6. Lack of a right business model for the Polish market

Our expertise in Polish business

Как открыть фирму в Польше
Doing business in Poland for 5 years
Подготовка документов для регистрации и открытия бизнеса в Польше
Received 3 "karta pobytu" (residence permit) based on business
Сообщество предпринимателей в Польше
We develop a community of entrepreneurs in Poland
Открыть фирму в Польше
Founders of the FuckUp Day Krakow project - an evening of mistakes
План открытия бизнеса в Польше
We have been doing business and marketing consulting for 8+ years and helping to attract clients via the Internet throughout the CIS
Наш Ютуб канал об открытии бизнеса в Польше
We run a Youtube channel about life and business in Poland 29,000+ subscribers

How to open a business for a foreigner in Poland online or offline

Own business in Poland provides a decent life in an EU country. Success is facilitated by access to the market of the most developed countries with financially secure population. Our team will help you simplify and speed up the process of company registration. We will tell you how to open a business in Poland at the lowest cost, consider all the nuances of your situation.

Thanks to a right niche and strategy selection, foreign companies from Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries are flourishing. We have many years of experience, we clearly explain, using the examples of our clients, how to open a business in Poland for Belarusians and Ukrainians with registration and support.

Restrictions for foreigners

Even one non-resident entrepreneur improves the country’s economy, often creating new workplaces for Poles. Therefore, government employees structures are friendly to foreigners who have launched their project here.

Foreign entrepreneurs who just have an electronic signature can open a company in any market segment and locality of the country. Forms of legal entities are available, such as LLC and joint-stock companies.

There are restrictions for foreigners only on individual entrepreneurship. Citizens of the country, people with a Pole’s card, an EU resident card and full-time students who are under 26 years old, and from 2022 Ukrainians can register an individual enterpreneur in Poland . The absence of a residence permit status by a foreigner limits access to a loyal lending program in this country for small and medium-sized enterprises. Interest rates on loans are quite low, no more than 5% per annum.

How to start a business in Poland?

The realisation of plans will bring tangible income with a good practical organization of the business. With the right approach, your new company will become super competitive. Contact our consultants if you need:

  • find the most optimal direction, decide on the prospect of the chosen niche;
  • make an individual decision on the form of activity, get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Poland;
  • avoid mistakes while filing registration documents of a company, which lead to delays from 10 to 60 days and an increase in costs from 100 euros, this is how much you need to pay in order to correct any errors later;
  • reduce the costs of the founders’ visits to Poland related to the registration of a company (we can open a company in Poland completely remotely).

Perhaps the niche you have chosen is regulated by strict laws and needs additional licenses, concessions or permits. For example, trade in certain products or transport services. Consult how to open a legal entity in this country with lawyers who constantly monitor Polish law.


How exactly can a foreigner open his own company?

To open a company in Poland, it is necessary to complete the registration procedure in the s24 system. This can be done online by having electronic signatures for each of the board members. The result of the successful opening of the company will be the assigned registry number KRS, NIP and REGON. All that remains is to open a bank account and you can start! We will promptly assist you at any stage. We organize remote registration of the company in electronic format or by proxy.

Take advantage of our comprehensive service, find out how to open your own business in Poland. We will analize the specialty of your product in local market so your company become high-yield enterprise. You’ll get competent accompaniment in each Polish district.

Right adaptation your business to polish mentality will follow with the rapid promotion of goods or services. Call, consult, become our client now!

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