Opening turnkey company in Poland​

We will help you to open a company in Poland with a personal business development strategy and obtaining a residence permit based on business

Open a company in Poland

Company registration in Poland

We will help you to open a company in Poland with a personal business development strategy and obtaining a residence permit based on business

Company registration in Poland – price from 499 euro

We've collected for you 3 convenient packages for registering a company in Poland. Depending on your needs, experience in the business and the value of your time. Each next package gives you access to new services and valuable bonuses.

*We can also help you get an electronic signature remotely (PESEL + ePuap)

Firm registration

from 499 $
  • Remote firm registration
  • Step-by-step plan of what must be done after registration
  • *To register, you need to have a PESEL + ePuap + legal address agreement and filled brief

Registration Plus

from 900 $
  • Remote registration of a turnkey company
  • Step-by-step checklist of actions after company registration
  • Video instructions on how to correctly issue invoices and make reports at the bank
  • Ready-made materials and templates for work: employment contracts, an agreement allowing you to lend money to your company, etc.
  • 14 days of live chat support after registration
  • Business Consulting
  • Contacts of trusted contractors
  • Help in organizing ePuap electronic signature
  • Possibility to receive PESEL remotely (paid separately)

Starting a business

from 2500 $
  • Selection of the optimal business launch strategy
  • Remote registration of a turnkey company
  • Step-by-step checklist of actions after company registration
  • Video instructions on how to correctly issue invoices and make reports at the bank
  • One month of consulting support
  • Assistance in opening a bank account
  • Assistance in obtaining a VAT + VAT EU number
  • Help with getting EORI number
  • Paid legal address for a year
  • Submission of the declaration (for share capital contribution)
  • Submission of the NIP 8 declaration (To the tax office)
  • Registration in the central register of beneficiaries
  • Accounting for 2 months
  • Establishment of work with accounting and submission of the first report
  • Applying for work permits for multiple employees
  • Consultations on Residence Permit and Business Conduct
  • Ready-made materials and templates for working with a company: employment contracts, an agreement that allows you to lend money to your company, etc.
  • Assistance in negotiations with a Polish bank, accounting and government agencies
  • Getting a company seal

We offer:

Proper, professional registration of a company in Poland in 5 days, with a personal business development strategy and obtaining a residence permit

Почему Польша

Why Poland?

  • beautiful and comfortable country;
  • easy process of obtaining a residence permit on the basis of a business;
  • stable economy and access to the whole of Europe.
Почему стоит выбрать нас

Why us?

  • we help to start a business from scratch, not just register a sp.z o. o.;
  • cover risks in order to avoid fines in the future;
  • we suggest what to right after the registration, give checklists and video instructions.
Открытие бизнеса в Польше в 2022 году

Why now?

  • fast (from 3 days) and remote process of company registration in Poland;
  • falling prices for rent, purchase of equipment and labor;
  • facilitated online process of obtaining work permits.

Registration step-by-step

1. Organization of electronic signatures and adresses 

  • Consultation and preparation of the optimal registration method
  • Organization of electronic signatures (Pesel + ePuap)
  • Selection of addresses for correspondence and legal addresses
  • Registration in the s24 system
Этапы открытия фирмы в Польше
Подготовка документов для регистрации фирмы в Польше

2. Preparation and sending of documents for registration 

  • Development of the company’s charter, drafting of constituent documents, distribution of parts and agreements
  • Checking the uniqueness of the company name
  • Selection of activities according to the Polish PKD Classification
  • Formation and signing all the necessary documents
  • Sending documents to the court and paying the duties
  • Consulting and support throughout the process

3. Obtaining an extract from KRS and organizing work

  • Receiving and processing correspondence from the court
  • Preparation of additional documents for registration
  • Organization of work with accounting and electronic document management
  • Recommendations for working with the bank and paying bills
  • Advice and support throughout the process of company registration
Выписка из KRS для открытия фирмы в Польше

Registration terms: 2 days for work + time for registering the Sp.z o. o. in government agencies and obtaining an electronic signature or ePuap


  1. Registration of KRS number, NIP tax number, REGON statistical number;
  2. Getting legal or virtual address of the company;
  3. Getting a bank account of the company in several currencies;
  4. Organization of accounting services;
  5. Understanding the next steps in business;
  6. Understanding how to sign electronic documents in Poland.

How to open a company in Poland in 2023?

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Как открыть фирму в Польше
We have been doing business in Poland for more than 8 years
Подготовка документов для регистрации и открытия бизнеса в Польше
Received 3 "karta pobytu" (residence permit) based on business
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We improve a community of entrepreneurs in Poland
Открыть фирму в Польше
Founders of the FuckUp Day Krakow project - an evening of mistakes
План открытия бизнеса в Польше
We have been doing business and marketing consulting for 8+ years and helping to attract clients via the Internet throughout the CIS
Наш Ютуб канал об открытии бизнеса в Польше
We run a Youtube channel about life and business in Poland and 34k+ subscribers already trust us

Why 90% of businesses in Poland close in the first year?

After 8 years of doing business in Poland we prepared a list of the reasons why businesses fails and close 

1. Lack of demand for a product or service

2. Conservatism towards the new by the Poles

3. Misunderstanding polish mentality and local market

4. Cash gap and accounts receivable

5. Choosing wrong business partners

6. Lack of right business model for the Polish market

How to open up a company in Poland by yourself?

According to statistics, over the past 10 years, the number of foreigners who decided to open a company in Poland has increased 10 times. This can be explained by a stable economy, loyal taxes, favorable territorial position, ease of obtaining a residence permit, comfortable living conditions. Anyone can become one of the entrepreneurs who develop their business here. The only requirements for start is to be legal age and have a passport.

What organizational form to choose for business?

A foreigner in Poland can register both an individual activity or a company. Most often, the choice stops at two options: sp. z o.o. (spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością   analogue of LLC) or JDG (jednoosobowa działalność gospodarcza – analogue of private entrepreneur). Other forms which are more complicated by the organization side (for example, a joint-stock company) are not available to all foreigners. 

In most cases sp. z o.o. is the best choice because: 

  • it is the registration of a legal entity;
  • there are no restrictions on the number of founders (there may be one person, but we recommend at least two);
  • the minimum authorized capital is only 5,000 zł (slightly more than 1,000 euros);
  • no obligation to hire employees with Polish citizenship;
  • the ability to introduce a “procurent” into the company (a trustee with the right to carry out transactions on behalf of the firm);
  • on the basis of business, a foreigner has the opportunity to obtain a residence permit even if he\she isn’t physically in Poland and there is a possibility of conducting business remotely;
  • the established company is liable for debts, loans, arising obligations, not its founders, as in JDG.
This type of form is popular among Poles as well, in total there are more than 400k active sp. z o.o. 

What do I need to register the firm in Poland?

  • a passport with a validity period of at least 18 months;
  • choose the type of activity of the company, PKD codes;
  • apply for a license if the business is licensed;
  • provide information about the founders of the new company;
  • draw up the charter of the company in Polish;
  • rent a legal address;
  • complete all applications, documents and forms;
  • obtain a PESEL number for each founder and board member;
  • issue an electronic signature or confirm an ePUAP profile;
  • submit documents for company registration in city government.

What are the costs of registering a company?

An approximate estimate for opening a company in Poland:
  • 400–1000 euros for opening a sp. z.o.o. with a partner;
  • Pesel / Signature – 0-100 euros per person;
  • Legal address – 25 euros / month;
  • Accounting 100–150 euros / month;
  • Company seal – 10 euros.
Of course much can be done for free and by yourself. Or you can entrust everything to us in order to minimize risks, start making profit faster instead of filling out forms and wasting you time to check every detail in Google.

The main stages of opening a company in Poland

Business registration in Poland requires from a foreigner only passport. At the same time, you can open a company in Poland on your own or through a trustee.  In the second case, a notarized power of attorney is required.

The process of registering an LLC in Poland begins with the provision of basic information. Before opening a business, it is necessary to indicate: the full name of each founder and their shares, the name of the future enterprise (in Polish / English), types of activity, place of business registration, amount of authorized capital. After receiving the basic information, the registration begins. It is separated in 3 stages:

  1. Paperwork. Based on the information received, you’ll need to prepare an application to open a company in Poland, a charter, a lease agreement for the enterprise’s office (legal address).
  2. Registration in KRS. You’ll need to submit prepared documents  to the National Registration Court (KRS) and pay state fees, after this actions the new business will get  a registration number.
  3. Obtaining individual numbers. If all the data is filled in correctly and the registration is completed successfully, the entrepreneur is assigned a NIP (tax number), REGON (number in the register of economic entities of the Republic of Poland), KRS (krajowy rejestr sądowy).

In 95% of cases, you can register a company in Poland remotely, through the S24 system (this requires electronic signatures of all co-founders). This method will save not only time, but also money: about 500-1000 euros. Especially if you entrust the opening of a turnkey company in Poland to a team of specialists. In this case, you protect yourself from all the difficulties and problems that may arise while opening a company.

Who can open the company in Poland?

EU, EFTA citizens, holders of residence card, as well as their spouses have full rights to conduct business activities in Poland. Refugees, participants of the Poland Business Harbor program have extended rights. Some organizational forms are available to all foreigners.

May I open the company with no help?

Yes, you certainly may but you’ll need not only to formalize everything legally (it takes only 20-25% of the total tasks), but also to independently find a business idea, analyze the market, develop a strategy, organize marketing and sales, after it remains to manage your business and develop it.

Seems to be easy but  without knowledge of the language, the peculiarities of the Polish mentality and legal formalities, the risk of mistakes is quite high. It is easier and cheaper to find an assistant who has repeatedly passed this path and knows all the nuances. Based on our experience of opening and supporting 100+ companies, we can say that with us it is 3-5 times faster and easier to register a business in Poland.

Why Poland?

Registering a business in Poland allows you to expand the possibilities of current business activities. The company which is opened here provides an entrepreneur with the opportunity to enter a new (European) market and reach a large audience. Also, opening a company in Poland for Ukrainians, Belarusians and citizens of other CIS countries allows you to get a residence card and in the future may contribute to obtaining permanent residence here.

Additionally, opening your own business in the Republic of Poland provides the following opportunities:

  • Increasing the authority of an existing company (becoming a co-founder of a European company, your place in the market, status will instantly increase);
  • Duty-free trade with the EU countries (in relation to the Republic of Poland with other EU countries there is complete freedom movement of goods);
  • Acquisition of movable / immovable property for a company (after opening a Polish company, you will be able to register all acquired property for a company);
  • Gaining access to leasing, credit Polish and European programs (in case of successful work).

Doing business in Poland implies transparency of conditions, compliance with laws, predictability of financial transactions. The company’s funds are under reliable protection of European banks.

Interesting fact: Since 2004 (when Poland became part of the European Union), only one small Polish bank has been liquidated and clients of the financial institution received financial compensation.
The Republic of Poland positively perceives foreign entrepreneurs. This explains the opportunity to open a company in Poland online, tax incentives, grants for novice Polish business owners. And every foreigner can take advantage of all this.


How to choose a name for a Polish company and check it for uniqueness?

The name of the company should be unique, in order to avoid confusion among suppliers, customers, competitors. While choosing a name, consider the specifics of your activity and the territory in which you work. For example, there cannot be two identical names of construction companies, when similar names of companies from different areas or regions are acceptable.

You can check the company name before registration in the KRS registry and search engines.

How to choose the place of company registration in Poland?

It all depends on the specifics of your business. If you need a place with great business activity, choose large cities – Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot), Lublin, Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz, Szczecin. Perhaps, in terms of logistics, you’d better choose a city closer to the borders with Germany, the Czech Republic or Ukraine. It is also worth considering that in small towns there is less burden on government agencies, cheaper labor and real estate.

The legal adress can be real or virtual. The first option is when the premises are rented or bought, where the company is registered. Such a company inspires more confidence in the tax and clients, it is easier to get the status of a VAT payer. But a real address is more expensive, requires a physical presence to process correspondence, and is not always needed.

Most foreign entrepreneurs choose a virtual address. It is convenient and profitable, because the service is cheaper than renting a room. If you need a virtual address, leave a request at We will help with the choice of the place of registration and the opening of the company.

How to define the activities of the company?

Types of activities in Poland can be viewed and selected independently in the PKD classifier. But we recommend that you delegate this task to us to don’t miss any imporant details.

How many activities should there be? In the memorandum of association, it is permissible to indicate any number of codes that determine the scope of the company. But you will need to identify 10 of them that will appear in the KRS registry, and highlight one as the main one.

What is the size of the authorized capital of a company in Poland?

PLN 5,000 – the amount of the minimum authorized capital + 0.5% tax. Nominally contributed in cash (not equipment or other property).

If we are talking about Sp. z oo, then the authorized capital of the company is divided into any number of equal and indivisible parts. Each participant owns a certain number of parts, which determines the strength of his vote at general meetings.

Who can be the owner of a company in Poland?

Any foreigner or citizen of Poland over 18 years old. A minor can also be the owner, but with special permission from the court, which complicates the registration of the company. Members of the firm can be a husband and wife, other relatives – mother and son, granddaughter and grandmother. Any combination is allowed. A legal entity, including a foreign one, can also own a Polish company.

Does the head of the company need to employ himself?

There is no such provision in law. You can be a director (Prezes) or a member of the board (Członek zarządu) without employing yourself. In addition, a non-EU resident will need to issue a special work permit.

It makes sense to employ yourself if you plan to apply for a residence permit in the future or you need to show regular income, for example, to approve a loan from a bank or you are doing some operational work in your company. For example, you work as a waiter in your own cafe – in this case, ZUS will require you to self-employ.

You’re not sure if you need a company or need an advice?

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