How a foreigner can get a driver’s license in Poland


The majority of foreigners, who moved to Poland for permanent residence or took a permanent job there, encounter a necessity to change the driving license for a document of Polish sample. Such situation occurs when a person resides in this European country for more than 185 days – a residence permit is issued.

Who can get a driver’s permit in Poland?

Practically everyone can get a Polish driving license. If a foreigner has a Polish card, he can study at a specialized driving school. But he is not allowed to take the Wojewódzkim Ośrodku Ruchu Drogowego (state examination). Foreigners with a residence permit – karta pobytu czasowego or stałego pobytu – can expect to get a license in Poland. If your visit to a European country is short, you can use your national driver’s license. It is not against the law. However, the driver has to put a recognition sign of the country he/she came from on the windshield of the car.

How do I pass my driving test in Poland?

To get a driver’s license in Poland, you must be 18 years old. A foreigner will need to find a driving school where he or she will be trained to drive. Driver training course in Poland is designed for 2-3 months. Training at a driving school is not free of charge. Prices start from 1100 PLN (it depends on the city). After completion of the course you are required to pass an exam. You are required to pay for it separately.

To become a student of a driving school, you need to prepare a package of documents:

  1. application for enrollment in the course;
  2. 4 photos;
  3. copy of passport;
  4. Polish or pobytu card (if you have one);
  5. residence permit (copy of rental agreement);
  6. copy of driver’s license of your country (must be supplemented with a notarized translation).

Most driving schools teach in Polish. But there are also some schools where they teach your course in English, Ukrainian, or Russian.

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Training at the driving school is very different from the CIS standards. Here theoretical part is taught for 2 weeks. Then there are 30 hours of practical classes. The instructor decides whether the student is ready to pass exam based on the results of external lessons.

Knowledge testing after graduation from a driving school is conducted in two stages. And each of them is paid. You will need to pay 30 zlotys for the theoretical part. Student will be asked to answer 32 questions in 25 minutes.

How a foreigner can get a driver's permit in Poland
Polish driving permit

The practical exam costs 150 zlotys. It consists of several stages. First, the student must show a few technical nuances: how to turn on or off the headlights, where to fill the window cleaning fluid, where the engine is located. Then a drive on a specially equipped ramps and cones will take place. The final stage of the exam is driving on city streets.

After successful confirmation of knowledge and skills, the student is issued a document, on the basis of which a driving license in Poland is issued. It takes up to 7 days to obtain a plastic card. It costs 100 PLN. The driver’s license is obtained in the local county where the foreigner has passed the obligatory free registration (Profil Kandydata na Kierowce) before enrolling in the driving school.

How much does it cost to get a driver's permit in Poland?

Obtaining a driving license in Poland will cost at least 2200 PLN, depending on the city, driving school and the number of additional lessons and retakes. It is better to put down for all about 3500-4000 PLN.

Can I buy driving license in Poland?

No! You cannot buy a driving license in Poland without having passed the exam. And the companies, which offer to do this, are swindlers. If you use a fake document, you will be held personally responsible before the law!

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