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How to open a beauty salon in Poland?

Assistance in launching a beauty salon from scratch in Poland (Krakow) - our case

1. Briefieng


The task was to launch a beauty salon from scratch in Poland and create a customer funnel in the customer's business. The task at the first stage: to create brand positioning and prepare all the points of contact necessary for launching. The task at the second stage is to launch and test different traffic sources and understand which tools bring more customers with a smaller budget, optimize points of contact (website, etc.) based on the statistics received.

2. Elements

What is done

As a result, we have: Empire of beauty - a beauty salon in Cracow. What was done: assistance in opening a beauty salon in Poland, creating a brand starting from scratch, an identity and logo to branded social networks and a website, setting up and maintaining an advertising campaign, assistance in choosing a premises, consulting on obtaining a residence permit and business support.

Opening a beauty salon in Poland - a step-by-step action plan, a successful case

1. Business consulting and support

When starting a business in a new country, many questions arise, from the selection of premises and negotiations with the landlord, to the installation of a cash register and work with accounting. Consulting support helped our client launch a business faster, easier and more efficiently.

For the convenience of work, the following were organized:

  1. personal meetings and consultations;
  2. support chat, where we could chat, send audio messages or video instructions;
  3. a specially appointed project manager who led the client and the project.
Разбор кейса по созданию салона красоты в Кракове

2. Naming and logo creation

A good logo should look good on any surface, from small banners to a large wall. In the process of brainstorming, the words Crown, Beauty, Empire came together in the concept of the silhouette of a girl with a crown and the name Empire of Beauty .

Salon settled in Krakow, one of the most important historical cities in Poland. In the city where the Kings of Poland lived and ruled from. Therefore, the concept of the Empire and the Queen has become very advantageous, showing the level of service and approach to future clients of the beauty salon.

We prepared the logo in convenient formats and now it could be posted on the website, in social networks, on business cards and on the walls in the salon itself:

Opening a beauty salon in Poland - a step-by-step action plan, a successful case
On the company's website and in other important resources for the beauty niche
Opening a beauty salon in Poland - a step-by-step action plan, a successful case
On banners and in polygraphy
Opening a beauty salon in Poland - a step-by-step action plan, a successful case
And even on the walls, using as a decorative element

3. Creation of a multilingual adaptive website for a beauty salon

The task was limited by a small budget and deadlines, because if the business does not work, it “eats money”. But we wanted to make a beautiful functional site, with a focus on the mobile version, since beauty clients spend a lot of time on their phones and are used to looking for products and services in mobile browsers and applications.

The first stage of website development is a prototype (website structure and selling texts). Both sides are involved here: we, as specialists in marketing, and the client, as a specialist in product. Working together produces good results.

Макет сайта салона красоты

After the approval of the prototype, the site assembly stage starts. The best decision was to take Tilda technology and make a Landing Page. Thanks to this solution, we fit into the project budget and significantly reduced the time, because when working with Tilda, you do not need to draw the design separately – it is created in parallel with the content layout.

So we had:

Opening a beauty salon in Poland - a step-by-step action plan, a successful case
Creating a landing page in russian - to engage the russian-speaking audience
Opening a beauty salon in Poland - a step-by-step action plan, a successful case
Optimization for mobile devices and debugging (bug fixes)
Opening a beauty salon in Poland - a step-by-step action plan, a successful case
Translation into Polish to work with the local market

In Poland, there are specialized websites and platforms on which it is more familiar and convenient for customers to order services. Knowing which sites to use can greatly increase the number of customers.

Thus, we completed the site creation stage by integrating it with Booksy:


4. Creation of business cards and beauty salon loyalty cards

To attract customers offline, we created business card layouts in the style of the company. Business cards could be given from clients for their friends, left in crowded places of the target audience, used for networking.

And since the Live Time Value of a client in the beauty industry is quite high, but the competition is strong, it was proposed to create loyalty cards for clients with a cumulative discount. And to make it convenient to carry these cards in a woman’s handbag, we took the same format of business cards.

Визитки салона красоты в Польше

Business cards with a work schedule and the necessary contacts in the original black color and loyalty cards with a cumulative discount for regular customers

5. Setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns

So, we had to test the market for a new product, and the parameters were as follows:
  1. we separately test Russian-speaking and Polish-speaking clients;
  2. we check the effectiveness of different traffic sources: Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram;
  3. testing different formats of advertising within the platforms: posts and stories;
  4. inside the sites we tested different promotions.

    For this, about a hundred different advertising banners were created for different placements. Here is some of them:
Как открыть салон красоты в Польше

And all this in a short time and with a limited budget, so there was no time to “learn the artificial intelligence of advertising platforms for a week”, it was necessary to take manual control and actively regulate advertising campaigns inside.

The application set was:

  • Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram for advertising;
  • Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Yandex.Matrix for analytics.

Thus, for a small budget, the client received a clear understanding of which advertising sources work better and which ones should not be further invested in.

Реклама салона красоты в Польше
3. Result

Review and analysis of the case (video)

If you need help in starting your beauty salon in Poland from scratch, we are ready to solve all your turnkey tasks!

If you are determined to open a beauty salon on your own, we recommend that you to get a recommendation that will save you time and money. We will share our observations that we have identified while working on this and other projects. Our advice will save you from making decisions that will negatively affect the launch and development of a small business in Poland.

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