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How to open an offline business in Poland: a multimedia shooting gallery

Localization: Warsaw

1. Briefing


At the first stage: analyze the market and give an expert assessment of the feasibility of bringing the customer's product to Poland. At the second stage: prepare project documentation for an effective market entry, make marketing forecasts and prepare a business plan for government agencies to obtain a residence permit

2. Elements

What is done

Królewskie łowy - is an innovative interactive shooting gallery in Warsaw. We conducted market analysis, competitive market intelligence, prepared a business plan and risk assessment. Also consulted on residence permits and preparation of project documentation

Кейс открытия тира в Польше

1. Market analysis

In the beginning, there were several alternative shooting range directions that we wanted to analyze in order to understand what concept to enter with.

In Poland, there is a culture of shooting, there are both shooting galleries and those designed for “passers-by”. If we talk about innovations, then there are several interesting laser tags and interactive shooting galleries.

Initially, 6 analytical tables were collected in the following categories:
Case of opening a multimedia shooting range in Poland

Market analysis showed its volumes in each individual segment, showed who the main competitors are, how do they attract customers and how much traffic can be reached in each category.

Submission format: presentation with analytics, expert opinion and ideas on  103 slides  and data tables.

Result: understanding the situation on the market by the customer and the necessary information about the “entry” into a particular market segment. 

Слайды кейса

3. Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence became part of the market analysis, where it was important to find out how the main players represented on the Internet work, how quickly they respond, what promotions they offer, how they cope with objections.
Case of opening a multimedia shooting range in Poland
Assortment and price analisys
Маркетинговый анализ
Marketing analysis

4. City analysis and mapping

For this product an important source of customers is the passing flow of people, an analysis of the city was carried out, indicating popular places, such as shopping centers, as well as the location of the main competitors in different niches on the city map.

5. Preparing a business model for the chosen direction

When the first stage of the analysis was completed and a decision was made about what the future concept of the shooting range, what products will be, what approximate prices and what will be the advantages of our customer, we set about creating a business model, already with specific business parameters.

The customer got presented with 5 main files, including a table with calculated figures for the business model, with the ability to change parameters and see how much the result will change.

Ссылки и таблицы

Among the key blocks of information, taking into account the wishes and capabilities of the customer, the following we worked out and calculated project teaser, purchase funnel, cashflow, investment plan etc.: 

Что было сделано

5. Preparation of presentations

Presentations were prepared in russian – for owners and in Polish for government agencies in Poland to apply for a residence card (residence permit in Poland).
Презентация для собственников
Presentation for owners
Бизнесплан для ВНЖ
Business plan for residence permit
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